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Building your list of prospects online:

This is a No B.S. internet marketing program designed for service providers who need new prospects to call to and follow up with.

This is me:

I’m designing customer journey maps and helping businesses grow for many years (please check my LinkedIn profile for more details on my experience.)

I’m a father of two, and I know more than anyone how hard life can get if your business is not paying the bills. Sometimes you have money, but if you don’t get one or two extra clients every month you will struggle in the near future, and that is stressful.

The holy grail of business growth is to find a steady and consistent flow of prospects, and that is why you see several networking events all over the world, they are trying to solve the biggest problem which is: how to find new clients.

Join this program that generated 148 prospective leads last month (Nov/2018).

This program is not an online subscription type of service; it is all managed and created by a professional fellow human.

You need to go through a consulting conversation over the phone before we can create your Online Prospecting Machine, and for that, you will need to book a conversation from the link below:

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With this machine set up for you, you will always have clients. — Thales Jacobi

Commission-Only Advertising Program

Do you need more prospects for you to call and follow up?

More prospects + Follow up calls = More sales

When you use Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn to attract and identify prospects you need to do work on three main deliverables:

  1. Select a platform (Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn)
  2. Select an audience (people who will see your ad)
  3. Create a content (advertising copy is what it is called)

Introduction to the program

I would like to present to you this advertising program that finds prospects online for your business. It is called the “Prospect Machine.”

Before we continue, I’ll need you to know that this program is designed to generate prospective leads.

Let’s begin by explaining that is a prospect. A prospect can be called “a qualified business lead,” and it is a piece of information with personal details of the person interested in buying from you.

A prospective lead contains personal details and three custom questions that you will design to increase the quality of the lead. With this program, you will receive qualified leads in your email inbox.

So if you are looking to sell something online with an e-commerce website, this program is not for you ok?

My company, Handshake Links, creates advertising campaigns online for you and generate prospective leads that are unique to you. Other marketing companies out there simply generate leads and then sell them to several competing companies.

This is not what I do, and I’ll explain exactly what I offer in the next paragraph.

How to choose the right online platform to advertise?

Now that I know that you are a service provider and that you need more prospects to grow your business let’s choose the right platform for you. When I started working with lead generation online, 11 years ago, we had only one option: Google. There were other alternatives like Yahoo and YouTube, but Google concentrated 90% of the internet traffic in the country. That was when Facebook was just a college experiment. Today things are a little different. Today we have different platforms for different objectives, and this is what we are going to be talking about now. I use only three platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. And the reason for that is because these three platforms offer an inbuilt lead form and that means that you don’t need to have a website and landing page, none of that. If the prospect doesn’t need to leave those websites, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, this means you have a greater chance of generating good quality, unique business leads.

Let’s talk about platform number 1: LinkedIn. LinkedIn has grown so much in the last few months that it is incredible. Pretty much all companies that advertise online are all focused on Facebook, so LinkedIn became cheaper than ever. The proof of that is a performance indicator called CTR, click-through rate, which measures the percentage between the number of people that saw your ad and the amount who clicked on it. Here is a normal CTR on Facebook and here is a CTR on LinkedIn. Amazing isn’t it? My business has relied upon LinkedIn advertising for most of 2018. Now, people in LinkedIn are more interested in business-related offers. This usually translates into B2B offerings. So if you are selling kids clothes online, for example, I don’t think LinkedIn will work too well. You can offer personal coaching service for consultants and professionals, so this line between B2B and B2C is a little blurred nowadays but LinkedIn was designed originally for B2B, so this is the tendency that we go with our clients.

The second platform: Facebook. Facebook is the biggest and most complex advertising platform there is on the internet. By advertising on Facebook, you will reach millions and millions of people, and you can present them your videos, your content, pictures, you can boost your contents and a whole myriad of options and variations. This is good and requires that you test your ads to know what will work and won’t before you can have a predictable, steady stream of leads coming your way.

That leads us platform number 3: Instagram. Instagram is the golden egg for people under 30 years of age. The age separations are changing, but it is a fact that millennials think that Facebook is for the old folks, most of them don’t even have a Facebook account. So we need to keep in mind the demographics before placing ads that work and help you grow your business.

Now that you know the characteristics of each platform, I would like to know from you which one you are interested in advertising, please select below and see you in the last video of our series.

How do I select an advertising audience and create the ads themselves?

This is why we need to talk on the phone with you.

There is just too much information in your head about your business and your market, and we need to translate that into something that others can relate to and buy from online.

This is how the program “Prospect Machine” works:

This is an advertising program where either I or someone on my team create a series of ads for you under your business account. If you don’t have a business account, we can sit down and set this all up for you.

Once that is done we will go through the first step in this program: we create 27 different ads and run this for five days. This will tell us which ads work and which don’t. To run this first campaign composed of 27 ads, we will need to pay advertising costs (called Ad Spend) and the budget you will need for that is 270 pounds (GBP £). This is only the first campaign that is used to test the market.

You might get a few leads from that, but the main goal is to discover what works and what doesn’t and prepare for the next step of the program.

Step 2: Know we know what to do and have a starting point for this next step. This is about replicating the ads that worked and remove the ones that didn’t.

Now the real prospect machine can be set up. We will need a budget of 500 pounds per month for six months to generate proper value for you and your business.

If you are interested, register down below this video for a phone conversation with me personally (or a someone whom I trust) to talk about you and your business and further understand the program, the budget and the value I can generate for you.

Now is the time to act. You will need to set aside 30 minutes of your time for this. We will come up with a growth plan for your sales numbers. If you feel you would like to know more about how this will be set up online, how you will receive the leads (if by email or SMS), what is the right budget for you, what is the volume of leads you could get every week or every month?

I’m ready to talk to you and start building your ads, choosing the right words and images that will make it successful. Plus I need to choose the right people to present the ads to, and no one knows your market more than you.

Please remember that I will need to charge you a fee on every prospect I get through your door. This is a fixed fee of 10 pounds per lead, and we need to craft the right agreement to meet your needs. Let’s set up a phone conversation and get you up and running to grow your business now!

What you need to do now is to book a friendly conversation with me or one of my trusted advisors:

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All the best to you,