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Master Subscription Agreement

All services provided by Handshake Links now and in the future are offered under this master agreement.

(Companies that hire us to build links are herein called the "Subscriber" because this is a continuous services and the minimum contract length is 6 months.)

Request your conference call now

By requesting a conference call an Engagement Manager will be assigned to understand your goals and to explain how it all works. Please follow the instructions on the screen and choose a date and time that suits you best:

GoToMeeting: conferencing tool

You will need to have GoToMeeting in your computer:

(Download GoToMeeting free!)

The best thing about conference calls is that we can share our screen with you and if you are abroad, no problem, there are several phone numbers you can call in to join the meetings.

Once you have scheduled our call you will receive an email with a link to go to when the conference begins.

If you prefer to receive a direct phone call instead, please leave your number in the observations field in the scheduling form.