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What do we do

To build links from other sites to yours (and to have it shared in the social media) you need two things: something created to show and someone to let others know about you.

Handshake Links designs and outlines the content piece that you will create and after published, outreaches target prople who will drive traffic to you and raise your brand acknoledgment.

Who is this service for?

(Do you want to grow your business on the web?)

When I look at a website, what do I see? A bunch of pages that are there just because everyone else has done that?

You need to build assets, and that is what I should see in your site, Web Asset!

Assets are linkable, are shareable and really make you look bigger and better than your competition.

Assets can be articles or a piece of software (called "Web Tools") and that is what we do for you:

  1. Build assets for your website
  2. Build backlinks to those assets
  3. (Please take your time and read the full system that we run every single month for our clients)

Do you already generate content on your own? No problem, chances are that you need to get people to notice them. You can advertize (in which case when you stop pay the visitors stop coming) or you can build links.

Why are we building links?

(Out of the necessity of doing something great!)

You can call me geeky but link building makes me excited, maybe that is why I have lived out the internet since 1998.

I also have the cheesy obsession of making things perfect. Cheesy, I know.

The brilliant thing is: Link building is a perfect blend of criativity and technical savvyness that fits like a glove in my life.

The company is small, I can take up to 5 clients with minimum 6 months' contracts, but our system works!

We are what is called "Boutique Firm" and we pride ourselves for doing things the right way (called "White-hat methods").

We can be creative, come up with great ideas and help you development your business. (Tell me the truth, isn't that something to fall in love with?)

If you feel like having a conversation with me (zero compromise, I'm cool) request a callback here and we can study for an hour or so what I can help you with.

How exactly do we do link building? What drives us to do a great job Why we created a "boutique" consultancy firm? We want to make a difference on the internet and focusing on building quality web assets makes us excited.

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