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Handshake Links was born with internet marketing already pumping in our veins.

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How to get more British customers: I have cracked the British market with a simple process that is fairly cheap and lasts a long time, driving traffic and increasing the authority of companies of all sizes.

First lesson about British buying, hiring and outsourcing habits: It doesn’t matter the size of your company, what matter is the trust they have in you.

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What our clients are saying:

Chystel Melhuish from Plum Design and Publishing

Tony Coyle from Wills APS

Ali Letts from The Clique Booths

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Second lesson: To crack the British market you need to show you are part of its culture, one way or another. (Content Marketing is perfect for that.)

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Third lesson: Never cold calls! Ads and Content are fine but calling them to offer whatever product or service is a big no-no.

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