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Price Table

Access to Application £0
Campaign Setup £100 (one time only)
New Prospects £10-£50 (per prospect)
Ad Spend £100-£500 (per week)

Pricing Explained

  • Access to Application: Our online app is available on any device and allows you to see your campaigns, list all of the prospects you have received in the past, see how well you are doing against others in the market and to manage your Prospect Machine. This application is free for all clients to use and manage professionally their internet marketing campaigns
  • Campaigns Setup: We need to create a business page inside the ad platform, grant permission for us to access and create your ads, then we need to create the ad assets, like headlines, text body, and other creative elements. All of that takes time and effort.
  • New Prospects: Every new email or SMS that you have received with the information of the person interested in your services. The price that we charge every new prospect may vary depending on your expected volume of prospective leads you might receive.
  • Ad Spend: Is the amount of money you are ready to invest in the advertising platform. This money is only going to the advertising platform and the bigger it is, the more prospects you will get.


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