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Influencer Marketing Service

Marketing Approach

1. Pages analysis

We use the SaaS application Ahrefs.com to build knowledge about your website:

  • Which are your most popular pages?
  • Which keywords rank on the second and third pages? (We call that "quick wins" because we could see improvement in those rankings with very little effort)
  • Are there "hidden gems"? (Pages with a lot of impressions in the search results but with very few clicks)

2. Anchor text analysis

Ahrefs.com also helps us to analyze your current backlinks so we can fix any broken inbound and outbound links and increase your referral traffic in just a few hours of work.

3. Content analysis

Another application used is Buzzsumo.com that tells us what people are looking for in your country and how can we leverage trends and search behaviour of British families.

4. Social analysis

With Buzzsumo.com we also study what are people sharing on social media that can give us better ideas of how to attract attention to your business using guest posts and sponsored content.

5. Links analysis

Back to Ahrefs.com, list the backlinks you already have that can help us know which of your web pages have the highest numbers of backlinks.

6. Search keywords and operators

Google is our friend in this phase: we need to finish our research and get ready to write content and promote it as soon as possible.

7. Sponsored content

(The most powerful backlinks there are)

The best thing to do is to create content to go on a blog or website about the subject we promoting on. This piece of content will have a link to your website and that is how we increase your online presence and online traffic.

Project Plan

We are now ready to build the project plan and track activities.

We use a spreadsheet that is shared with you in a private Dropbox folder. This keeps you constantly updated on what I have been doing for you and will be doing in the next few months.

Communication Plan for ongoing service

Below you will find an article from our blog where we explain the importance of having a communication plan and how we do on our projects:

Sponsored Content

It is time to run the Link Building Campaign. Some of the blogs and websites in our network will need a personal approach to get a sponsored post published, some others already have a professional guideline for it.

I will contact every single one of them until we get the agreed number of sponsored posts.

Follow up

(Reiteration contact)

People are busy and sometimes our emails are not seen or are not relevant to them at that moment in time.

This is why we have a communication funnel that will follow up with a prospect to get an answer to our offer. This is usually well accepted and increases our chances of getting backlinks.

Traffic response

(Increase your referral traffic)

The biggest benefit of link building is to have more traffic coming to your site.

Although I cannot guarantee the number of visitors that you will get, I know for a fact that people will click on the links I earned for you and that those links will be generating traffic for a long time.

Google ranking

(Search traffic)

The secondary benefit of white-hat link building such as this one that I do is that you should see some pages ranking high on Google.

Although I cannot guarantee any results on behalf of Google, you should see an improvement in your overall search results.

We've got to the end of a cycle, which means we need to evaluate what gave us the most return in order to apply the changes to the process in the next round.

Statement of Work

Please download and read our statement of work.


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